Two writing links

I found this post by Alexander Jablokov a fascinating one. In Laying rails for the locomotive, he talks about the really specific writing method that works for him:

Some writers are able to think of stuff while they write.

I sure can think of stuff, but it is almost always clever, glittery distractions from whatever it is I am trying to accomplish. Pointless flashbacks, cool devices, elaborately describe artworks…name it, I’ve done it.

In order to actually write a scene, something unified in space and time that has a structure and focus and conflict and a decent ending that kicks you into the next scene, I have to already know all of those things before I actually write it. I’ve learned this through long experience.

I’ve been thinking about as I’ve dipped back into some writing advice books; the best advice still seems to be to find the method that works best for you!

And check this out: Which Paid Marketing Works (and Doesn’t Work) for Books. Tons of details about running your own writing promotion.